The European Commission has launched five key measures to bolster the EU’s economic resilience amid escalating geopolitical tensions and significant technological changes. These measures are designed to safeguard the EU’s economic interests while maintaining the openness of its trade, investment, and research sectors, aligning with the European Economic Security Strategy outlined in June 2023. These initiatives are part of a comprehensive strategy that includes enhancing the EU’s competitive edge, mitigating risks, and fostering collaboration with a wide array of countries to promote mutual economic security goals. The adopted measures include:

  • Enhancing the EU’s security and public order by proposing more robust screening of foreign investments into the EU.
  • Encouraging European dialogue and coordinated action on export controls, respecting existing international frameworks and national sovereignty.
  • Engaging with Member States and stakeholders to pinpoint potential risks from outbound investments in certain key technologies.
  • Facilitating discussions to better support research and development in dual-use technology areas.
  • Suggesting the Council to endorse actions to improve research security at both national and sectoral levels.

Future EU initiatives will be guided by ongoing risk evaluations and strategic collaboration with Member States to develop a unified understanding of the risks facing Europe and the necessary responses.

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