Australian Strategic Policy Institute

ASPI’s Critical Technology Tracker is a website that provides a new dataset to track 44 critical and emerging technologies that are foundational for economies, societies, national security, energy production, health, and climate security. It focuses on individual institutions and technologies that are critical and emerging, rather than total research output, and allows decision-makers to make more informed policy and investment decisions. It offers unique insights into strategy, intent, and potential future capabilities, and valuable insights into the spread and concentrations of global expertise across a range of critical areas. The website contains an enormous amount of original data and analysis, which can be used by policymakers, businesses, researchers, and media to support strategic planning, enable more targeted investment, or facilitate the establishment of new global partnerships. The Critical Technology Tracker can help monitor global technology advancements by highlighting China’s global lead in 37 out of the 44 critical and emerging technology domains tracked, spanning defense, space, robotics, energy, the environment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials, and quantum technology. By providing data and analysis in these areas, ASPI aims to help democracies rapidly pursue a strategic critical technology step-up and pay greater attention to the Indo-Pacific to ensure ongoing access to trusted and secure critical technology supply chains.

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