On 25 February 2022, the Council of Europe decided to adopt Article 8 measures and suspended Russia, with immediate effect, from its rights of representation in the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly.

On 10 March, the Russian Federation declared its intention to leave the Council of Europe, though at that time it did not submit a formal declaration of withdrawal to the Council Secretary-General, as required by Article 7 of the Council Statute.

On 15 March, the formal notification reached the Council Secretary-General together with a declaration of Russia’s intention to denounce the European Convention on Human Rights.

On 16 March the Committee of Ministers decided that Russia would no longer be a member of the Council of Europe as of 16 March.

On 17 March, the Committee of Ministers decided to suspend certain rights of Belarus, which is not a member of CoE, (the right of Belarus to participate as an observer to the Committee of Ministers, and the right of representation of Belarus in GRECO (the Group of States against Corruption), because of the ‘active participation of Belarus in the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine’.

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