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Executive Order on Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain See also OFAC Sanctions Related to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

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Regulation (EU) 2019/452 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2019 establishing a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the Union – Regolamento (UE) 2019/452 del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio, del 19 marzo 2019, che istituisce un quadro per il controllo degli investimenti esteri diretti nell’Unione


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US Supreme Court: Travel Ban and National Security

TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, ET AL. v. HAWAII ET AL. CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT No. 17–965. Argued April 25, 2018—Decided June 26, 2018 In September 2017, the President issued … Continua a leggere

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