Economic coercion: G7 Leaders’ Statement on Economic Resilience and Economic Security_20052023

G7 Leaders’ Statement on Economic Resilience and Economic Security_20052023

The G7 leaders emphasize the importance of cooperating on enhancing security and resiliency in critical infrastructure, particularly in the digital domain. They support projects that strengthen the resilience of the ICT ecosystem, including mobile, satellite and core networks, submarine cables, components and cloud infrastructure. The document also expresses concern about regulations that unjustifiably require companies to localize data or those that allow governments to access data without appropriate safeguards and protections.
In terms of technical standards, the G7 leaders recognize the importance of such standards in the global economy and reaffirm their commitment to collectively support the development of open, voluntary and consensus-based standards that will shape the next generation of technology. These should be based on inclusive multi-stakeholder approaches in line with their common democratic values and principles. They also identify and address issues related to international standards setting through information sharing and engagement in the established standards setting processes. They will deepen their cooperation through information sharing including with wider public and private stakeholders in international standards setting activities, and support effective standards setting.

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