The Sanctions (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

The Sanctions (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

These Regulations are made in exercise of the powers conferred by section 8(1) of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (c.16) in order to address failures of retained EU law to operate effectively and other deficiencies (in particular under section 8(2)(a) and (g) of that Act) arising from the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.
These Regulations make amendments to legislation in the field of sanctions and, in particular, amend the existing EU Council Regulations that implement arms embargoes in respect of Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Somalia and Sudan. They also amend the EU Council Regulations that prohibit claims being made in respect of historic sanctions regimes in relation to the following countries: Haiti, Iraq, Libya and Serbia and Montenegro.
An impact assessment has not been produced for this instrument as no, or no significant, impact on the private or voluntary sector is foreseen.


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