La Corte costituzionale tedesca respinge i ricorsi presentati contro l’ESM

Comunicato stampa della Corte Costituzionale tedesca sui ricorsi presentati contro l’ESM

The constitutional complaints and the Organstreit proceedings lodged
against the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism, the
Fiscal Compact and the national Acts of Assent and accompanying
legislation, against the Act approving Art. 136 sec. 3 TFEU, the TARGET2
system, and the so-called Six-pack are partly inadmissible and for the
remainder unfounded. This was decided by the Second Senate of the
Federal Constitutional Court in a judgment delivered today. Despite the
liabilities assumed, the budgetary autonomy of the German Bundestag is
sufficiently safeguarded. However, arrangements under budgetary law must
be made to ensure that possible capital calls pursuant to the ESM Treaty
can be met fully and in time within the agreed-upon upper limits, so
that a suspension of Germany’s voting rights in the ESM bodies is
reliably excluded.

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